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Marriage & Civil Partnerships

Marriage & Civil Partnerships


We offer comprehensive advice andassistance in divorce, separation, ancillary relief and maintenance issues atall court levels.

With these difficult economictimes we recognise many couples wish to enter into proactive negotiations tosettle the case in the most amicable way whilst minimizing costs. We can offeradvice on matrimonial agreements that would achieve financial settlementsbetween separated persons. However we also understand when necessarydiscussions are not progressing court action is the best avenue to take toensure effective action and results are achieved.

Civil Partnerships

We advise on the rights andresponsibilities associated with civil partnerships from the preliminary stagesbefore entering into one through to the dissolution of a partnership that hasirretrievably broken down.

The Civil Partnership Act 2004provides the mechanisms to, apportion property, arrange maintenance and dividepensions in the same way these matters are handled in divorce. We haveexperience in drafting and executing pre nuptial agreements for prospectivecivil partners.

As well as advising civilpartners about their rights upon the dissolution of the partnership, we alsoadvise surviving partners about their rights in inheritance disputes.

McLernon Moynagh also havespecialist and expert experience in annulling civil partnerships in accordancewith provisions set out in the Gender Recognition Act 2006 and those enteredinto in Consular Offices around the world.

Pre Nuptial Agreements

We provide drafting andnegotiation expertise for those considering marriage or entering into a civilpartnership to protect existing assets. These agreements can be used todemonstrate the parties’ intentions to the court, and although not currentlylegally enforceable, they can be highly persuasive and influential in theresolution of divorce or dissolution cases.

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