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Personal Injury & Litigation

Personal Injury & Litigation

Personal Injury

If you have suffered injury, we will help. We actfast and negotiate with insurance companies and initiate court proceedings whennecessary to obtain the best compensation for you. We will also apply for legalaid on your behalf if you are on benefits or have a low income.

We are experienced in taking all the stress awayfrom you. We can arrange for medical appointments, recover insurance excess, communicatewith the PSNI, progress claims against those that are uninsured or untraced andprovide a strong investigative service for workplace accidents.

Dealing with an injury can be a stressful timeespecially when it is not your fault. It is often best to see us, your localsolicitor, rather than be referred to a Solicitor appointed by your insurancecompany. If this does happen you are at liberty to advise your insurance company McLernon Moynagh act on your behalf.

- Road Traffic Incident

- Accident at Work

- Medical Negligence

- Slip or Trip

Litigation & Court Representation

Whether you wish to sue someone or havereceived a letter of claim or Court papers, from the outset we provide you withan honest assessment of your case and provide you with all the optionsavailable for you to resolve the case. We act quickly to protect your rightsthrough the County Court or High Court process. Contact us today if we can helpyou in one of the following areas:

- Negligence

- Contractual disputes

- Boundary / Land disputes

- Debt recovery

- Civil Injunctions

Business Formation / Dissolution

If you are thinking of opening a business we can assist in negotiating the lease or purchase of your new premises and advice on partnership agreements or company formation. We also deal with any agreement disputes or dissolutions in the most robust manner.


If a client is unwilling to make payments or you have concerns on their ability to do so it is essential action is taken quickly. Our aim is to recover the debt for you in the most expedient and cost effective way possible.

If a debt is for £3,000 or less you can go through the Small Claims Court personally to seek to recover the debt. Instructing us as your solicitor will in most cases ensure the debtor realises your intentions and take the matter more seriously. We can also initiate court action orin solvency proceedings promptly to protect your position.

If an action has been brought against you for a debt which you dispute we will also act on your behalf in defending such a claim or issuing a counterclaim. If you instruct us to deal with such a matter we will do our utmost to resolve the matter without court action being taken.However if proceedings are already issued we will ensure your side is put forward as best as possible.

Liquor Licences

We are experienced in the acquisition, disposal,renewal and transfer of liquor licences. We will ensure that all applications to the Court are made in a timely manner to ensure that you can continue too perate with interruption. Protection Orders can be arranged at short notice. 

Specialist Court Representation

-   Freedom of Information (FOI) FirstTier Tribunal & Upper Tribunal representation for those whose FOI requesthas been refused.

-   Immigration First Tier Tribunal& Upper Tribunal representation including appeals against deportation andLGBT asylum.

-   Discrimination specialising insexual orientation and gender identity 

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